About Epoch

At Epoch we’ve put together a team of finance professionals with decades of experience working as advisors and in-house chief financial officers. It is with this knowledge that we advise your business/company, whether you’re looking for temporary/short-term CFO advice or more regular part-time strategic direction.

As a client/partner you will come to expect the following of Epoch CFO Advisory:

  • Providers of ethical, accurate, professional business solutions.
  • Independent with no agendas, and no vested interest. We put your company first and offer transparency in information.
  • Aligned to your critical success factors.
  • Constantly striving for operational excellence through a process of continual improvement.
  • Able to provide informed, impartial reviews and effective oversight of internal processes and controls.

Bringing meaning to  Numbers

We have the experience to fully understand the day to day challenges that Small to Medium businesses face.

If you would like to discuss our advisory services further please feel free to contact us during business hours or alternatively connect with us on LinkedIn.

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